Bishwajit Ghose

Original research

Setting up the environment:

  • Knowing what to write about, and why.
  • Finding a practicable topic for the project.
  • Ethical concerns
  • Preparing necessary resources.
  • Listing the target journals. 
  • Data to conceptualization/conceptualization to data.
  • Using open-access datasets for academic research.
  • Conducting your own survey.
  • Managing statistical softwares and reference managers (Open source and commercial)
  • Setting the team
  • Setting project timeline.
  • Setting up a folder hierarchy (cloud/on-prem).

Standard structure of a manuscript:

  • Word limits by sections. 
  • Components of a perfect abstract. 
  • Writing a good introduction. 
  • Components of a perfect methodology.
  • Results + sensitivity analyses.
  • Components of a perfect discussion and conclusion. 

Structuring the manuscript as per journal requirements.

    Checklist for final revision.

    Confronting peer-reviewers. 

    Literature search using R

    Listing the search databases:

    • Searching web of science articles using R
    • Searching Scopus articles using R
    • Searching pubmed articles using R
    • Searching web of science using R
    • Extracting articles to a dataframe