Bishwajit Ghose

MacOS hardly leaves any scope for complaints, but running certain apps (especially the unsupported ones) or customising the default configuration requires using sly tricks to override the system. Here is a small collection of the ones I have used so far without having any issue, but use them at your discretion to avoid any unintended disfunctioning.

#Resetting admin permission for all apps:
$ sudo tccutil reset Accessibility


#Setting time and date manually:
$sudo ntpdate-u

The desired time should be set in the following format [month][day][hour][minute][year]. Now its January 12, 2022, 14:48, which in Mac language reads: date 0112144822. Setting a different time is not recommended, but can be done using this trick from terminal.

#Setting default language for selected apps

A common issue for those who uses a system language they are learning and not very comfortable with is that certain apps use the system language by default. This is problematic as navigating menus of highly sophisticated apps such as PS in a new language can be overwhelming. Here is a solution I found from, and this still requires finding the preferece file containing the 'com.' tag. I guess this method works for all UNIX based OS.

Here are the commands that need to be run only once from terminal to reset the language to english for the listed apps:

#Corel painter

$defaults write com.corel.Painter AppleLanguages '(en)'


$defaults write AppleLanguages '(en)'
$defaults write AppleLanguages '(en)'
$defaults write AppleLanguages '(en)'

$defaults write AppleLanguages '(en)'

$defaults write com.quark.QuarkXPress AppleLanguages '(en)'

$defaults write AppleLanguages '(en)'

$defaults write com.pixelmatorteam.pixelmator AppleLanguages '(en)'

#VMware fusion
$defaults write com.vmware.fusion AppleLanguages '(en)'

#Tableau desktop
$defaults write com.tableausoftware.tableaudesktop AppleLanguages '(en)'

$defaults write com.adobe.illustrator AppleLanguages '(en)'

$defaults write com.adobe.Photoshop AppleLanguages '(en)'

$defaults write com.blackmagic-design.DaVinciResolve AppleLanguages '(en)'

Similarly, the language can be switched from english to any other as long as you know the symbol of the desired language e.g. de (German), fr (French), es (Espagnol), it (Italian), ru (Russe):

$defaults write com.corel.Painter AppleLanguages '(fr)'


#Installing unverified apps
Run the following command to disable the configuration to force install the problem app:
$ sudo spctl --master-disable
Remember to reverse the change once the installation is complete:
$ sudo spctl --master-enable


# Installing jupyter notebook
This can be a nightmare in some systems due to folder permission issues, here is the only workaround I have found to do so without compromising the default configuaration:

$ sudo -H pip3 install jupyter
$python3 -m notebook

#this Will prompt the notebook in your default browser.

A superpowerful command-line tool to install apps, known as the Missing Package Manager for macOS or Linux.
Here is the command to install SQL using homebrew:

$brew install mysql
$brew install mariadb
(mariadb runs little faster)

Once done, launch sql with root previleges:
$mysql -u root

To terminate, run 'exit' on terminal and then:
$mysql.server stop